Gate - a bridge between props and store

Imagine you have the task of transferring something from react props to the effector store. Suppose you pass the history object from the react-router to the store, or pass some callbacks from render-props. In a such situation Gate will help.

In this example we will write code which will not go beyond our sandbox

import {createStore, createEffect, forward} from 'effector'
import {useStore, createGate} from 'effector-react'
// Effect for api request
const getTodoFx = createEffect({
async handler({id}) {
const req = await fetch(`${id}`)
return req.json()
// Our main store
const $todo = createStore(null).on(getTodoFx.doneData, (_, result) => result)
const TodoGate = createGate('gate with props')
// We callgetTodoFx effect every time Gate updates its state.
forward({from: TodoGate.state, to: getTodoFx}) => {
//called each time when TodoGate is mounted
}) => {
//called each time when TodoGate is unmounted
function Todo() {
const todo = useStore($todo)
const loading = useStore(getTodoFx.pending)
if (loading) {
return <div>Loading...</div>
if (Object.keys(todo).length === 0) {
return <div>empty</div>
return (
<p>title: {todo.title}</p>
<p>id: {}</p>
// Something that's not easy to get out of react
function ComponentWithRenderProp({children}) {
return children(React.useState(0))
function App() {
return (
{([id, setId]) => (
<button onClick={() => setId(id + 1)}>Get next Todo</button>
{/*In this situation, we have the ability to simultaneously
render a component and make a request, rather than wait for the component*/}
<TodoGate id={id} />
<Todo />
ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.getElementById('root'))
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